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Again, we have had quite a number of dogs and cats brought in lately, so our numbers are going up a bit.  The little dog that was thrown off the balcony is doing well but we have not been able to get hold of the owner.  I think we are just going to turn him into an office dog – he is so sweet and friendly.

We are also looking after a rabbit at the moment.   He belongs to one of the schools and as they are all shut there is nobody to look after him so we told them to just bring him along and we shall care for him until such time as the schools re-open.

Again, our appreciation and sincere thanks to our members and supporters who have continued to send donations and to those who have continued to bring us dog meat/mince and rice.  Some have left money at Coast Anglo Meats Company at Ratna Square, Nyali where we go and collect the meat at a very good discount.  Thank so you so much Coast Anglo Meats who have supported us for so many years.

We have received several calls from people wanting to surrender their dogs and especially their cats as they think that they can catch Covid-19 from them!   We try and assure them that we have plenty of dogs and cats here and we are all safe and well.

We have had a lot of rain here and the premises is lovely and green and a gentleman from the Bohora Flats next door who looks after their gardens has offered to give us some plants and plant grass in our garden in front of our lovely new office block.

We have removed the two ‘rooms’ inside our Cattery 8 – they were dark and dingy and damp during the rains and served no purpose.   The Cattery is now looking very nice as we have also repaired the floor where we had holes in the cement.  We have also done some repairs (cement) in the kennels.


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