Mombasa Report – September, 2021                       


Yet another month with endless cats being brought in – 59 in total.  We also had 12 dogs brought in during the month.  We re-homed 7 dogs and 16 cats.   46 dogs and 55 cats were treated.   10 dogs and 16 cats were neutered. We received a report about a horse on Mama Ngina Drive, down by the ferry, that had killed someone. It turned out that the person had walked behind the horse and had slapped the horse on its backside and it lashed out and got him.He died the following day in hospital. They said that once they had found the owner they would get back to us, but never did, and we were unable to contact the original caller.

We had the most delightful little dog brought in. She was pure white with a beautiful ridge and both her ears were inky black.  So you can imagine what she looked like with her black ears, black eyes and black nose!


We just have the two fund raising events, the Charity Goat Derby in Diani in October and Mike Kirkland of Southern Cross Safaris/Galu Safaris is very kindly putting on a 22 seater air-conditioned bus to take people from the North Coast to Diani – so far I have 16 people for the bus. The second fund raiser is the Winterlicious Craft Fair and Farmers Market at Bahari Beach Hotel and organized by Nova of Bodyworx, in November.


We have had a little rain but certainly not our normal short rains. The premises is still green but the weather is getting very hot and humid and it will just continue to get hotter and more humid until about April next year. We are still trying to find funding for repairs to our kennels.


Our Toyota Hilux continued to run well and we have organized 4 new tyres once we get some funds from the Goat Derby.

Slaughter Hse:

No slaughter houses were visited during the month.


Our staff continue to work well. Kennedy and Wanjala took some leave and Wanjala is now back at work. I have organized with NCBA Bank for Bank Accounts for all our staff and these are being processed now. All our staff have had their first Covid-19 vaccination and the second ones are due 21st/22nd October.


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