So many cats were admitted during the month(64). We have been doing cat trapping which led to the increase.  In July we re-homed 13 dogs and 14 cats and admitted 10 dogs. We treated 49 dogs and 50 cats  and neutered 19 dogs and 35 cats.

Investigation and Rescues.

We received a call from someone reporting that their friendly dog had gone mad and was biting everything and everybody. We brought the dog in and immediately had it put down and the head sent to Mariakani- the results came back positive for rabies.

We also had another incident whereby someone reported a neighbour who had confiscated his goat that had strayed into his property then told a member of his staff to slash it with a panga. Dr. Mwita dealt with the injured goat and the matter was reported to the police.


Our Ngutuni Game Count fund raiser held in Memory of Sue Lawrence-Brown, was very successful. All the rooms were booked and it was a very good turn out. We raised Ksh 151,000/= which was double the amount we normally raise. It is a lovely lodge for those who want to have a stop over on their way to the coast.No Game Park fees and it is just a short distance off the main Nairobi-Mombasa road. No other fund raising was done during the month.

In other News…

We have put a new roof (mabati) on our clinic after removing the asbestos roofing.The wiring is a mess and we have an electrician coming to have a look and give a quote on new wiring. Apart from the isolation unit, many of our kennels are in need of repair mostly due to rust.The grounds are lovely and green and its still reasonably cool. The rains seem to have disappeared for good.

We had endless power problems during the month and one power surge messed up our UPS damaging our computer. We had to take the vaccines to Dr. Gitau and all our freezers thawed – big mess!

Our Toyota Hilux has been back in the garage to have some rust patches sorted out and one of the wipers had to be replaced. Some other issues were dealt with at the same time.

No slaughter houses were dealt with during the month.

The staff continue to work well and Dr. Gitau visits twice a week but we are able to take any sick animals to his clinic on the other days.

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