KSPCA Mombasa

June has generally been a busy month with many cats coming in. We admitted 76 cats and 17 dogs, and were able to re-home 10 dogs and 10 cats.  We also spayed and neutered 15 dogs and 14 cats. We had no cases of rabies during the month.

Investigations and Rescues

We had a call from someone whose cat had got its’ tail wound round some razor wire.  It was very nasty and we had to call our vet to come and help, as the tail had to be cut in order to release the cat. The cat was then taken to the vet’s clinic to have the tail stitched and taken care of.

We received a report of a half grown calf that had collapsed and had been down for 5 days.  We brought it in and it was checked by our vet who put it down.

A vet in Nyali called us to say that he was going to have to put down a Llama at the Go Kart place and that we could go and collect it. We brought it in and used it for meat for our dogs.   This is the second Llama that we have been given for meat. We are still able to get the leftovers from the hotels which is fantastic.

In other news…

We would like to sincerely appreciate Watu Credit Limited, who are helping us financially by paying the salaries of our kennel and cattery staff for 6 months with effect from April, 2021. 

No fund raising was done during the month but we received some funds from people who were unable to come to our Ngutuni Game Count and one company gave us a donation to get some prizes. We need to try and get some funds to do some repair work in our isolation unit.

Our vehicle is running well and we have managed to pay the last bill.   We have asked Mike Kirkland to look out for a good secondhand Probox for us. We use Mike’s garage at Galu Safaris to do our servicing.

We have been given a medium size freezer which has really saved us, as our very old freezers are slowly packing up.

Our staff continue to work well and our Vet, Dr. Peter Gitau comes every Monday and Friday to work in our Clinic.


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