We have lost a number of kittens with Feline Panleukopenia Virus and we have received reports of other areas at the coast being affected.

We had even more animals brought in this month (May). We admitted 35 dogs and 90 cats. We managed to re-home 15 dogs and 15 cats. 19 dogs and 22 cats were also spayed/neutered.

The owner of the horses in Mtwapa came to complain that his neighbor had taken over his horses! We were actually happy to hear that, as he has for many years neglected his horses, and the neighbor has built beautiful stables and is taking good care of the horses.

In terms of finances, no fund raising was done during the month and we are preparing for our Ngutuni Game Count which is being held in memory of Sue Lawrence-Brown who was the one that started this yearly fund raiser.

The grass at the premises is trying to come back to life after we received some rain a while ago, and the weather has cooled off considerably much to everyone’s relief. 

Our vehicle has been back in the garage. Initially it had brake failure and then we had some problems with the front suspension. It’s however running well now.

All our staff continue to work well. We are however in need of new staff uniforms and the funds to do so.


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