KSPCA Mombasa

Once again, this was the month for cats – we had  74 cats and kittens brought in and we had 21 dogs come in. We did however manage to re-home 23 cats and kittens but only 3 dogs. 61 cats and 16 dogs were treated and 4 dogs and 24 cats were neutered.

We had two cases of rabies during the month. The first case was a dog that was brought in and they were hoping to receive treatment for the dog but we realized that it had rabies. The second case the dog just came onto the premises off the road.  The heads were sent to the Government Laboratory in Mariakani.

Two very nice Japanese Spitz were found at the Forest Trails (Bamburi Cement – part of Haller Park) on the night of Good Friday. We have put out their pictures on various social media platforms and on the Nyali Residents E-mail contacts but no one has come for them yet.

Someone found two rabbits and brought them in. One was badly injured and had to be put to sleep but the other one is very happy in our Cattery 7 and the cats are not bothered by it either.

A gentleman by the name of Tony Hill of Watu Credit Ltd came and visited the Mombasa KSPCA.   He really liked our set-up here and has offered us financial help by paying our junior staff salaries for six months starting in April, 2021.   For us this is just amazing as things in Mombasa are really bad. The head office, KSPCA Nairobi, have also very kindly come to our rescue by paying our senior staff salaries also for six month starting from April, 2021. We so appreciate this help.

At last we have had some rain and the dust has settled and it is very much cooler, much to everyone’s relief.    Once the rains start properly we want to plant grass in front of the office.    A volunteer has already planted some flowers.   We have put a second door on the kitten cattery as it was impossible to keep them in once the door was open.

Our vehicle has been serviced and a few mechanical issues sorted out.   It is running well and is looking very nice since it was de-rusted and spray painted.

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