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We can’t wait for the rains to come – the weather gets more hot and humid by the day and our dogs and cats are really feeling it! In March, we took in 18 dogs and 47 cats. We rehomed 12 dogs and 9 cats. We also spayed/neutered 15 dogs and 21 cats. We have had an endless stream of cats with kittens being brought in throughout the month. Other than that, we have lost a lot of small kittens from Feline Panleukopenia Virus (Feline Distemper). Other people who look after stray cats and kittens have found the same problem.


We have also had a problem with horses on the Mama Ngina Drive. These horses are left to roam during the night.    We are also having problems with horses in the Mtwapa/Kanamai area. We are sure that we know the owner of these horses but have not been able to contact him. The weather at the coast is really not suitable for horses and we have not had rain for many months now hence there is no grass.

In other news…

No fund raising was done in March, owing to the pandemic and we are now running seriously short of finances.

We are planning to have our Ngutuni Game Count on the 3rd July, 2021. This is going to be a very special event as it is being held in memory of a wonderful supporter and friend, Sue Lawrence-Brown.  This was the event that Sue started and organized every year to raise much needed funds for the KSPCA.  So this Ngutuni Game Count is being held especially to celebrate Sue’s life and we want as many people as possible to come and have a fun  weekend and remember Sue as the joyful  person that she was. She had that wonderful laugh.

There is still no rain and this is now a dust bowl. The ladies from the Pwani Lions Club organized for the wood, nails and mabati etc. that we need for the new roof of the clinic to be bought and delivered to our premises.

Our Toyota Hilux has been booked in for a general service in April, and it has one or two mechanical issues that need sorting.


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