We’ve generally had a hot and dry February here at the Coast. It was a crazy month- we took in 19 dogs and 104 cats.

One Monday 30 cats and kittens were brought in. We re-homed 6 dogs and 19 cats. We also spayed and neutered 15 dogs and 29 cats.

Dr. Wilson from Kilifi brought in a small stray puppy that was found on the beach. After monitoring the puppy it was decided that he should be humanely put down. The head was sent to Mariakani and the test came back positive for rabies.

We brought in a cat from Kilifi with a wire round its neck. The wire had been there for some time and the neck was tiny but despite that, the cat was in reasonable condition. Dr. Peter Gitau managed to remove the wire and the cat is doing well.

We managed to find a new home for our donkey (Fernando) at Mombasa Cement in Vipingo.   He has already made friends with the other donkeys.

The cat that was caught in the snare is now back with us and completely healed.



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