KSPCA Mombasa

January is always a quiet month with not many visitors.  We took in 18 dogs and 54 cats as we had to do some cat trapping at the Port during the month and we re-homed 3 dogs and 10 cats.   Other than that, 18 dogs and 19 cats were neutered.

We received a report of a donkey with a broken leg. This turned out to be a foal and sadly the leg was broken just above the hoof on the front left leg and was just hanging on with some skin and was already smelling. A sad case.

A very badly injured cat was brought in from the Memon School. There was a huge wound right around the neck – our Vet thinks that it had been caught in a snare. It was very smelly and full of maggots but the cat, although thin, was not too bad. He is now doing very well, has put on weight and the wound is healing well.

Our original donkey is doing very well and all the wounds have now healed- and is costing us a fortune in carrots!  Eric comes back with huge quantities of fruit for him when he does the food run. That causes no end of excitement when he sees the vehicle driving in! We are hoping that he will go to Mombasa Cement at Vipingo where they have other donkeys.

No fund raising was done during the month but we did receive two donations from two Estates totaling Shs. 150,000/- which was much needed and very appreciated.    We have also received donations in the form of dog food and cat biscuits from PetStore (Loki Ventures) and Aquapet both in Nairobi.

We have replaced the mabati on the boarding kennels which we never use for boarding as we want to turn it into an Isolation Unit for the cats who have cat flu.


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