KSPCA Black cats Rock!

I know we have heard about so many misconceptions and myths about black cats, but did you know that they are all false?  Some of the questions we should be asking ourselves are:

  1. What makes black cats black? What is the science behind the fur?
  • Both parents have to posses the black fur gene. For a cat to be solid black, he/she must carry a recessive gene known as a non-agouti so that the tabby pattern does not appear.
  • Black coloration might boost cats’ immune systems. Research by the National institutes of health shows that genetic mutations found in black cats seem to make them more resistant to certain illnesses.


2. Why then should you adopt a black cat?

  • Black cats are the most fun to play hide and seek with.
  • Black cats are elegant especially when they put on white tuxes.
  • Black cats are just like other color cats except that their fur is black.
  • Black cats are natural ninjas stalking any pests that try to get into the house.
  • Black cats are mini panthers. Having a house panther is so cool!
  • Black cats bring prosperity according to the Scottish.
  • Black cats are also good luck, ask the British and Japanese.
  • Black cats are as warm to cuddle just as any other cat.
  • Black cats don’t care what color you are.
  • Black cats appreciate you; they are half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors all because of false superstitions.


Black is beautiful! Black cats are purr-fect!

Black cats are cats with eyes of pure gold, created for you to love and to hold :)

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