KSPCA and WAP hosts pupils from Nakeel Primary School

KSPCA and WAP (World Animal Protection) teamed up to host 64 pupils from Nakeel Primary School in Ongata Rongai at the KSPCA shelter. We felt that it would be beneficial to not only talk to the pupils about dog welfare but to have them do some hands on work with them. It was a very successful morning in spite of the cold weather.

Raphael demonstrating dog postures

The children were transported by bus and started the morning with a talk from animal welfare experts from both WAP and KSPCA. Then they were set to work. They were divided into four groups. One group bathed a dog, a second  groomed some dogs, a third did some dog walking and the fourth group were shown how dogs are vaccinated and told of the importance of this, especially rabies vaccinations.

Getting to know our dogs

We noticed when the children first arrived, that some of them were apprehensive about approaching the dogs, but by the time they left they were very confident about handling them and most of them wanted to take some of them home! We are very grateful to WAP for funding this exercise and we hope to have more schools visit in the future.

Dog walking

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