An animal loving couple visited Nakumatt Junction and went to the toy department. They heard a mewing noise which they thought was coming from one of the toys. An assistant told them that it was in fact a live kitten that had strayed into the department. The kind lady said she would take it to KSPCA, so it was retrieved from its hiding place and handed to her. The kitten took fright and wriggled out of her arms. Someone else grabbed it and pushed it at her. At this point the frightened kitten bit and scratched her but she managed to hold it and  get it into a box. She stood there to get her breath back and to try to stop her hand bleeding which was making a mess on the floor. “Excuse me” said a stern voice behind her, she turned to see a disapproving manager. “We do not allow pets in this store. please remove it at once” he said.

The lady made a trip to her doctor to stem the bleeding and was given a rabies vaccination before coming to KSPCA. The kitten is now safely in our cattery and we hope she will soon realise that people can be nice.

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  1. Daphne Butler
    Daphne Butler says:

    I once found a tiny kitten at the counters at prestige Nakumatt, and took it home. He was starving, riddled with worms and filthy just like the one in your picture….but he made a greqt recovery. Thanks to the brave lady who rescued this little one, and hope the kitty gets a good home!


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