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Kenya’s National Donkey Welfare Day

On this special day, the KSPCA joins other animal-welfare organizations in promoting special attention to donkeys. This day aims at encouraging animal lovers and donkey owners in particular to value donkeys as they play an important role in their livelihoods, hence need to be taken good care of.

We are pleased that the Naivasha donkey slaughterhouse has been closed. This will not only help curb the depletion of donkeys in Kenya  but also improve the livelihoods of donkey owners. Prior to the closure of the slaughterhouses, KSPCA in conjunction with the ministry had ensured that the welfare of the donkeys at slaughter was up to standard and slaughter was humane.

However, the low population that is remaining is in need of much care. We appeal to the public for support in restoring the welfare standards of the remaining donkeys, as well as help to  impose a ban on importation of donkey skin since the ban is only for slaughterhouses but not on skin trade.

We would like to thank the our partners who have relentlessly worked to ensure continued improvements of donkey welfare in Kenya, i.e Brooke E.A, The Donkey Sanctuary, WTG, World Animal Protection , ANAW and The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

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      Hello Darsh. Thank you for reaching out. We are however not taking volunteers at the moment because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As soon as we resume normalcy we shall communicate to the public.


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