If you find you pet doing this, take them to the vet immediately

If you have a pet, then you have probably laughed at some of their antics, while wanting to shake your head at some of the other stunts they’ve pulled. While a pet may press their head into a wall to let you know that they are guilty of eating their sibling’s food, it can also be a sign that they need medical attention immediately.

When the head pressing becomes common, this is a sign of a much deeper issue. A pet that is seen pressing their head into a wall, without a good reason for doing so, could be suffering from damage to their nervous system. There are a number of reasons why their nervous system could be failing them, including infections and tumors.

Pets pressing their heads into a wall is often cute to watch, but could be the symptom of a much larger issue. Pets cannot speak to us know when they are suffering from internal pain and unless we heed these warning signs, our pets’ health and even their lives could be endangered.

Their actions let you know that they need help and pet owners are urged to act quickly in these situations. The severity of their condition depends on the frequency of the head pressing, as well as the amount of time that they spend on the activity.

Getting them medical treatment is important, since the head pressing may indicate that the animal is in need of hospitalization. The vets will be able to determine what kind of ailment your animal is suffering with and provide them with the help they need to keep living a happy, healthy life.

Pets don’t speak the English language and they have no other method for alerting you to their pain. If your pet is repeatedly pressing their head into a wall, this is not the time to laugh and take photos for social media. Get your pet the medical help that they need as soon as possible. If it were possible, you know that they would do the same for you.

Do you know anyone out there who has a pet of their own? Then be sure to share with them, so that they can provide their animal with the help that they need. Who knows? You just might end up saving a life and being considered a hero by your friends and loved ones.

Possible things going on:
Liver shunt
Brain tumor
Toxic poisoning
Head trauma
Infection of nervous system
Metabolic disorder
Hydrocephalus – water on the brain
Infectious types of meningitis
Other strange behavior to watch for
Walking in circles (different than chasing tail in play)
Pacing constantly not out of boredom
Blankly staring at wall
Pushing face in ground and rubbing
Signs of liver disease – jaundice, increased urination , weight loss, lethargy
Problems with vision
Reflexes off

Please share this message with them. Together, let’s keep our pets happy, healthy and forever smiling.

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