If only they could talk

After two unsuccessful trips to Ngei Estate following a report of an injured dog, Field Officer Paul Mifunyi managed to catch her using our dart gun as she wanted to run away. We had been told that she had a snare round her neck but on examination it was a tight cord  that had bitten into her neck. It must have been there for some time as her wound was badly infected. She was sedated,  her wound thoroughly cleaned  and she is now on a course of antibiotics. What happened to cause this wound? Did  someone put the cord on her when she was small and left it as she grew, or did someone tie her up somewhere and abandoned her? Of course no one in the area knows the dog so we may never find out. Hopefully she will make a full recovery and find a new home.


Another case that came in at the weekend was a dog with a very swollen leg. We thought it was injured but this morning it was found that his flesh is starting to rot, which points to a snake bite. This case is more complicated but we hope with treatment he will recover. Again nobody is claiming to know the dog. He has a very nice temperament so we hope he will get better.


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