KSPCA rescued three goats and for various reasons they have stayed at our shelter. The male goat was castrated and all has been well for a long time. Then we took in a family of three long haired goats that a lady had saved from slaughter. We kept them till we found a good home for them. The male was very protective of his female and if she was approached he would come in between the person and her. What a loving faithful goat he was, we thought. After they had settled the male was castrated and we soon found a good home for them.

Three weeks ago Nduati one of the staff came in smiling. We have a new baby goat he announced and he has a nice fluffy coat!  We have called him Kushtuka which is Swahili for surprise.  Nature always wins in the end.


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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Wonderful story. It is always sad when we care for some animals/pets but we exploit others.that’s speciesm. Every animal has a right to his or her own life just as you have your own. My hope is that KSPCA will grow to be an animal sanctuary for all kinds of animals. We support you. Heroes for an ethical world!


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