Global Cat Day

Global Cat Day takes place on 16th Oct annually, and is meant to remind us the importance of observing cats welfare. This day recognizes the need to adopt and foster cats. The most effective method of celebrating this day is to get your own cats neutered to reduce the number of stray cats. You can take part in ensuring that society changes the way it thinks about stray cats, and help to create compassionate communities for house cats and stray cats alike.

The first Feral Cat Day (now known as Global Cat Day)  was organized by Alley Cat Allies, and the goal was to strengthen support for humane policies to protect cats worldwide. When it comes to cat advocacy, one of the best things to do is to spay/neuter cats and to encourage others to do the same. Not only does this reduce the number of so-called “nuisance” cats, it can also protect them from certain diseases and prevent them from wandering off to find a mate.

Visit the KSPCA  shelter to learn about fostering, spaying and neutering. Better yet, adopt a cat/kitten and give them a forever home!


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