For the Love of Animals- Nina Nganga

It is really surprising to see how some kids have a great heart. One such 10 year old little girl has a great empathy towards animals. With an intention to motivate other kids to show the kindness towards animals, she has written a book. Nina Nganga is a grade 5 girl who has been very passionate about animals right from childhood, and is a regular visitor of the Kenya Society for the Protection & Care of Animals, otherwise known as KSPCA.

KSPCA is the sole charitable animal welfare organisation in Kenya, with particular emphasis on domestic animals. We started our humble beginning in 1910 and we provide shelter for the animals, where people can come and buy them.

To motivate other kids to show their love towards animals, Nina has taken an initiative to write a book entitled ‘Nina and Rocksoft Adventures: The Helpless Zebra’. This book talks about the love she has towards animals and her desire to do whatever she can to safeguard animals.The story starts with Nina and her best friend the horse named RockSoft riding by a hillside on a sunny day. Their ride turns out to be scary when they come across poachers in the area and their chasing for a little zebra that is left all alone. With a little time available to help the zebra, Nina rightly understands that the poachers are after the zebra. She knows that it is time for her and Rocksoft to act quickly to safeguard the helpless zebra.

In the story, we are able to tell how Nina and her horse went about their mission of protecting the Zebra from the poachers. She has expressed the help she got from her horse in this endeavor. As mentioned earlier, Nina wishes to stand as an example for other kids to show their empathy towards animals. So, she has decided to donate some of the proceeds from her book to build a protective shelter in her name at the local KSPCA. In addition to standing as an example for other kids, Nina has also motivated her younger sister to write a book, which will also be released soon.

After seeing her writing, Station 77 got an illustrator and created the pictures for her book. Also, this picture book has been published by the Station 77 on Amazon. It is available at Amazon both as paperback version and as Kindle Version. Station 77 is an African Content Company. Their objective is to unite the power of creativity and the company is owned by the father of Nina.

For more information, please visit https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_11?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=nina+and+rocksoft&sprefix=nina+and+ro%2Caps%2C583&crid=EJ6IKVNRDS4Y


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