Donkey Welfare

In early September, we were approached by two clients who wanted to buy a harness and also needed advice on cart modification. We helped them get a good harness maker and artisan  from Ongata Rongai.  A few days later we went to see the progress of the work. He was doing the final touches. We taught the owner how to fit the harness on a donkey and general harness principals.



At Thogoto center, we educated the donkey owners and users on principles of better harnesses, five freedoms of animal welfare and practical introduction of saddle and breech. We found one working donkey that was wounded. We confiscated the donkey and he’s now at the KSPCA shelter.

We also visited Nyotu watering point and did cart assessment. We educated the owners and users about use of local materials for harnessing and gave advice on saddle fitting, padding and gullet space.


Other than that, we went to Kware to follow up on two trained local harness makers. We were pleased to find their donkeys are in good condition, have good harnesses and well modified carts. We further advised them about padding and fitting.


We also did a follow up of a trained donkey user at the same area. Initially, the owner used only a necklace, causing the donkey to develop wounds on the neck region and the back. We introduced a simple harness using locally available materials. The donkey now looks much better, is comfortable and other donkey users have done the same for their donkeys. We shall be doing more regular follow ups.

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