The KSPCA team strives to make a commendable difference to the lives of donkeys in Kenya. We see to it that the donkeys live a life that’s free from pain and suffering.

The KSPCA team received a report about a donkey that needed to be rescued at Kibiko area, Ngong. It was established that someone had attempted castrating the donkey but was unsuccessful, and therefore abandoned the donkey. The donkey ended up bleeding profusely and almost died. Fortunately, our team arrived in time to rescue him and safely brought him to the KSPCA shelter, where he was attended to by our vets and is recuperating steadily.

In  another incident in Naivasha, a donkey owner lost two of his donkeys to bandits. They stole the donkeys and slashed their tendons in order to immobilize them, then slaughtered them. Their aim was to sell the donkeys’ skins. The owner however alerted the neighbors who helped him hunt down the bandits. They are said to have been alerted by someone and therefore ran away half through the skinning process, with some meat. The suspects are yet to be found. The KSPCA team advised the donkey owners in the area  to be extra careful with their donkeys especially at night. Since the court ruling regarding re-opening of the donkey abattoirs, such cases have been on the rise.


Our team visited Ongata Rongai and held a meeting with 15 donkey users. They were  educated on better shelter for their donkeys to curb the recurrent cases of stolen donkeys. The new donkey users were also educated on humane handling and restrain of their donkeys.

Still in the same area, they did practical trimming of the overgrown hooves and follow-up of trained donkey user on proper harnesses.


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  1. Ali Bush
    Ali Bush says:

    My daughter and her friend are doing a presentation to raise money for donkeys. Please let us know who we can talk to for their presentation.

    Thank you so much


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