Donkey Welfare

Did you know donkeys have an incredible memory? They can recognize areas and other donkeys they were with up to 25 years ago!

Cases of donkey cruelty in Kiserian have been on the rise in the recent past. The donkeys are usually overloaded, made to work with fresh open wounds, and they are always being whipped by the users. A good number of the donkey users abuse drugs as well, and therefore are not in the best state of mind to accord the donkeys the care they deserve. We talked to the users and cautioned them against ill-treating the donkeys. We brought the county vet on board and we shall be collaborating with the county vet department to help curb the problems.

We came across this donkey which had been hit  by a vehicle at Ongata Rongai. He sustained injuries on one of the rear limbs and the spine. We brought him to our shelter for medication attention.

At Githurai area, we rescued this donkey which had deep cut on the back. It’s alleged that she was maliciously slashed by unknown person at night. The donkey belongs to a old lady who relies on the donkey for her livelihood. She is currently undergoing treatment at our shelter and will be returned to the owner once she is fully recovered. This the 3rd case of malicious attacking of donkeys in same area, in less than two months. We engaged the area’s Animal Health Officer and planned to have a meeting with donkey owners in the area on this emerging trend. It is believed that donkey owners do not confine their donkeys at night, and therefore end up straying into people’s farms destroying crops, hence the reason behind them being slashed.

We responded to a case that was reported by Dr. James, of one of the foster donkey with an injured hind limb. We attended to the injury and checked the hooves.

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