Donkey Welfare (October)

KSPCA in collaboration with Brooke East Africa and county vets in Mombasa rescued 10 donkeys that were left behind by their owners a few years ago. The donkeys were straying into people’s property and destroying crops. They are currently at the KSPCA Mombasa shelter as they wait to be rehomed to new homes. Identified new owners together with local animal health practitioners were trained on handling, restrain, and common donkey diseases. The rehoming exercise will be done by the Mombasa Veterinary Department in conjunction with the KSPCA.

The KSPCA team visited Karuga donkey users in Nyahururu and educated them on general donkey care, handling and restrain. 7 donkeys had overgrown hooves which were trimmed, 17 got dewormed, and those that had harness related wounds were cleaned.

We also helped donkey users and owners in Karagita on how to design proper donkey carts and harnesses using locally available materials.

Other than that, we came across a donkey that had fractured limbs at Njoro, and due to the extent of injury, we had to humanely put him to sleep.

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