Donkey Welfare (September 2022)

Our team made an impromptu visit at Ongata Rongai hotspot areas to do a follow up on the state of the donkeys that are used to carry water to households and business premises. Most of the donkey users had adhered to the lessons we had previously given them regarding harnessing principals, proper cart balancing, handling and restrain.

In October, met with donkey users in Igwamiti where we taught the donkey owners about general donkey welfare. We trimmed the hooves of 17 donkeys and dewormed them. The biggest issue was donkeys with overgrown and cracked hooves as a result of working on wet areas, thus causing deformity and chronic lameness.

Part of the Nairobi team visited KSPCA Mombasa branch in line with rescuing 10 donkeys that have clearly been abandoned by their owners for a couple of years. In collaboration with Brooke East Africa, the KSPCA rescued the donkeys early this month and will vet the potential adopters and train them on the welfare aspects.

After rescuing the donkeys and taking them to the KSPCA shelter, we met animal health practitioners from Kwale, Mombasa, Malindi and Kilifi, whom we showed various aspects in line with donkey ownership including restrain and handling, hoof care, and feeding.

We responded to a case of a donkey with a broken rear limb at Utawala . We linked the owner to a local veterinarian who attended to the donkey, and advised him to let the donkey rest until he fully recovers. We shall follow up to ensure that the donkey is doing well.

We also responded to a case of a donkey with an injured hoof. It is believed that the owner abandoned him for having had an injured hoof, and therefore could not continue working. The donkey is now at the KSPCA shelter under good care.

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