The KSPCA is devoted to the welfare of donkeys in Kenya. In August we carried out spot checks in various areas to assess the welfare of donkeys.Members of our team visited the Kabati (kennel) donkey owners group. It was established that there had been an increase in wounds on the back and breast of donkeys caused by poor harnessing and lack of saddles. They were advised on proper harnessing and our team will be back to monitor the progress.




The donkeys above had been victims of poor harnessing and had harness and cart related wounds in Rongai. The KSPCA team educated the owner on properly balancing the cart and proper harnessing to avoid recurrence of the wounds.

The KSPCA team also received another heartbreaking report about donkeys cruelty around Twara area in Rongai. Our inspectors investigated the case and it was established that the donkeys were constantly whipped and had whip wounds. They advised the owner and better ways to communicate with the donkeys instead of whipping them. The owners were educated on the importance of balancing a donkey cart and properly padding it to avoid wounds on the back of the animals.



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