The KSPCA is devoted to the welfare of donkeys in Kenya. In July we conducted various visits to assess the welfare of donkeys in various areas.

During the Lamu animal welfare clinic which was held in collaboration with the Network for Animals, the teams dewormed and treated over 90 donkeys against rabies. In addition to this we also educated the owners and users on properly feeding their donkeys and the importance of proper vet care since we encountered many injured donkeys during the campaign.

The donkey below had a swollen belly for 2 weeks. The KSPCA team rescued him from Roimen, Ngong and safely brought him to the shelter where our vets attended to him and is now under the good care of the KSPCA.

The KSPCA team also received another heartbreaking report about a donkey being mistreated around Multimedia University. Our inspectors investigated the case and it was established that the donkey was constantly whipped and also pulled an overloaded cart. The owner was educated on the importance of balancing a donkey cart and properly padding it and he was advised against whipping the animal. The team promised to do a follow up visit in future.

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