Donkeys play an important role in many communities across the world and therefore need to be taken good care of by both donkey owners and users.

The KSPCA team visited Masai Lodge area at Ongata Rongai, where they encountered this badly wounded donkey that was being made to work despite its condition. The wound was caused by poor harnessing of the donkey. Other than that, the donkey owner had overloaded the donkey, and the donkey cart was poorly balanced, hence causing more damage. Given that the donkey owner had on several occasions been educated about proper harnessing, loading techniques and how to generally take care of the donkey, our team rescued the donkey and brought him to the KSPCA shelter for treatment, and to allow him rest and heal.


This poor donkey was rescued by the KSPCA team at Gataka. He had been badly hacked on the thigh and back regions by unknown people for having strayed into someone’s farm in search of food. The donkey is currently being treated and taken good care of at the KSPCA shelter.


During our visit to Uasin Gishu, Trans Nzoia and Bungoma counties, we encountered several abused donkeys. Most of the wounds were as a result of poor harnessing, whipping and poorly designed carts.  We released one seriously wounded donkey from one of the carts as it was not in good shape to continue working.


We improved the state of a few donkeys in the region by trimming the overgrown hooves and improved the harnesses using locally available materials. We educated the owners/users on importance of having good harnesses, and proper donkey handling.


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