Donkeys play an important role in many communities across the world and therefore need to be taken good care of by both donkey owners and users.

We were approached by the University of Nairobi to educate the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine 4th year students on several aspects of donkey care. Using two donkeys from the KSPCA shelter, we practically demonstrated proper hoof care, dental care, donkey handling and restrain, harness aspects and general welfare assessment.


Recently, we trained a donkey owner at Ongata Rongai on proper donkey handling, cart balancing and donkey behavior. We followed up a fortnight later and we were pleased to find the donkey in good condition since the owner had adhered to everything we had previously taught him.

We also rescued the two donkeys below from Kiserian and Gataka respectively. The one from Gataka had an injured spinal cord and was in a terrible condition. He was therefore humanely put to sleep. The one from Kiserian had a  broken leg and he’s still under treatment at the KSPCA shelter.


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  1. james
    james says:

    please rescue a donkey with a broken leg along kangundo road after ruai, (stage 26) before kamulu. the donkey is in agony. i called KSPCA on 0733571125 and spoke to jackson. he said you dont have offices on this side of ruai. thanks


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