The KSPCA team strives to make a commendable difference to the lives of donkeys in Kenya. We see to it that the donkeys live a life that’s free from pain and suffering.

Recently, our team visited Limuru and Thogoto regions for a donkey welfare check. They practically improved the donkey harnesses and introduced simple halters.

Other than that, they also assessed the state of the carts that were being used by the donkeys. The users were educated on how to balance the carts properly, loading techniques and hook attachment.


They also managed to mention a few aspects on donkey behavior, handling and restrain so that the owners and users can get a better understanding of their donkeys for future sustainability.

They will do a follow up after a fortnight to ensure that the donkeys are in a good state. In total, they attended to 36 donkeys.

About two months ago, our team visited the same area to teach the ladies below how to make well-padded breast collars and breeches to prevent sores.

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  1. Susan Mitruk
    Susan Mitruk says:

    I have received several petitions regarding donkeys in Lamu that are abandoned because there is no tourism, and owners cannot take are of them. There are pictures of them feeding in garbage dumps and dying from eating plastic bags.
    What is the situation?


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