While everybody else was celebrating Jamhuri Day the KSPCA had to rush down town and rescue 36 donkeys which had been dumped in the center of town. I was a bit miffed as I had a special bone put to one side which I was looking forward to first rolling on and then chewing on it all afternoon. The head-human was meant to be away doing human things and I knew that I could have an uninterrupted afternoon of rolling and gnawing without her shrieking at me or even worse confiscating my bone. Just as I had everything arranged and was poised to do my first head dive onto the bone the phone rang telling us about the donkeys. I abandoned my bone and hopped into the vehicle to see what on earth was going on. Sure enough the donkeys had been dumped in town, to their obvious bewilderment, and were wandering up and down the street suckingdespondentlyon dusty bougainvillea. Nobody knew why the donkeys were there or where they had come from; there was no demonstration and no apparent reason. They had all been viciously branded with ‘Tumechoka’ and a large hand – we’ve had enough. Apart from a couple they were all healthy enough, only a couple of wonky donkeys but they were all a bit confused and very upset about being branded and had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. For many it was the first time to see a city let alone have a ride in a lorry. The police arrested the lorry driver and impounded the lorry, it seemed that this was the only thing they could do. Although the donkeys were enjoying their first taste of the city they couldn’t be left wandering around window shopping so they were brought to the KSPCA. They are now here; still mystified as to what is going on, as are the humans but more importantly somebody had stolen my bone. I have my suspicions, Blackie one of the office dogs, is looking pretty plump and furtive. There is no sane explanation for the donkeys, I personally think some human somewhere made a dreadful mistake and has made a total ass out of himself.


She calls herself Babette, apparently this means Promise of God, a bit ironic really. She came from South Africa to live at K.K guards offices at the Racecourse on Ngong Road and for the first few months she was happy, hard to believe when you look at her tragic face. One day she was basking in the sun when there was a huge, for her, explosion. What the bang was she doesn’t know but it scared her to death and the fight or flight instinct took over and she fled. She fled across the busy Ngong road and straight into the sprawling mass of humanity there. Terrified she sped past startled people, chased by the K.K guards who desperately tried to find her. She realized that she couldn’t stay in the maze of houses and kiosks, the local street dogs hounded her and jeered at her so she sped into the forest near the new by-pass. Lost and scared she hid in the forest, drinking water from stagnant puddles and scavenging whatever she could find, constantly tired and hungry. Finally, three weeks later she stumbled out of the forest, barely able to walk and found some flower sellers who were not cruel to her but merely ignored her. Nearly at the end of her short life she lay down and waited for an end to her misery but fate intervened, maybe this is where the Promise of God came in. A woman was jogging past and noticed the emaciated and desperate dog and Babette’s life changed. Rescued by the KSPCA she was nursed back to health and started to gain weight, I even gave her some of secret stash snacks I always have hidden about the Society. Thanks to my efforts on Face Bark her owners came to see if the skeletal pictures that I had posted on the page could possibly be her, they had given up ever finding her. She couldn’t believe it and I for a moment I could see a glimmer of hope and life in her eyes. How she survived I do not know, I know I wouldn’t last that long without food, just thinking about it makes my tummy grumble in apprehension, I’d better go and check one of my secret stashes out and nibble on a biscuit.


It is the festive season, for some reason humans lose their sanity completely for a few weeks every year at this time. Really don’t understand why relatively normal humans, if such a thing exists, suddenly start to wear silly hats, make load honking noises and gambol around like lunatics. I am used to it and know that the madness will end and also that suddenly there will be treats galore everywhere. They held a party here last week and what I gorged myself senseless with sausages and stuffed eggs, not sure how the eggs will keep but I have hidden some in the head-human’s office for later. Don’t think she’ll notice for a while. Yappy Howlidays and please don’t wait for another year, I can eat sausages and eggs every day.

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