The KSPCA is keen on the welfare of donkeys in Kenya. Our Naivasha team has been going to the fields and educating donkey owners on proper harnessing.

The donkeys are in bad condition due to lack of proper harness, overloading and overworking.

Many owners use nylon materials thus causing rubbing and bad fitting of the rope which passes on the spinal region ends up causing wounds.

The KSPCA field officers educated the owners on use of local available materials made of cotton as padding, instead of nylon and rubber materials.


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  1. Gilbert arap Bor
    Gilbert arap Bor says:

    I recently purchased a donkey and a cart for transporting napier grass from the farm for my livestock feeding. I have noted that I need a proper donkey harness to make life easier for both my donkey and handler. Kindly advise me how to get one.

    Thank you.
    Gilbert 0722391390

    • Marketing
      Marketing says:

      Hello Rachel. Thank you for reporting. We shall have our field team visit the place and educate the donkey owners.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    How can you help?! I meet with some donkeys carrying loads of water jerricans from Athi river area every day towards past airport area and back. Some of them seem to be having some wounds on their back! I’ve been pleading with their owners on much care and gentleness but I don’t think my cry goes any far. What would you advise? Please, it’s so painful to see the donkeys walk long distances with heavy loads, whips and at very high risk of being hit by vehicles on the busy Mombasa rd highway.

    • KSPCA
      KSPCA says:

      Hello Kevin. We appreciate your concern. We’ll have our field officers visit the area and offer the much needed awareness on proper donkey care.


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