Please donate to the KSPCA!

We need your help!

We are the leading organization working to improve the welfare of domestic and working animals in Kenya.

We work on long-term projects as well as responding to emergency cases of injury and abuse.  We follow up on over 6 000 calls per year, rescuing injured animals and investigating reports of cruelty and neglect.

Your donation will help us to continue our vital work, improving our shelters and vet clinics, expanding our community outreach programmes and securing the health and well-being of thousands more domestic animals in Kenya.

Our work represents excellent value for money.  We keep our costs to a minimum and focus as much of our resources as we can on direct project implementation and value for money.

$10 ensures that a dog is fully vaccinated and dewormed.

$15 a month feeds and cares for a dog or cat in the shelter.

$30 a week provides the specialised food and medical care that a starving horse requires to recover good health.

$50 funds a slaughterhouse inspection visit and follow-up corrective action to improve conditions.

$400 supports a field inspector for a month, enabling cruelty investigations and emergency response.

$1 000 rehabilitates one of our old-fashioned kennelsmaking disease control and quality of life better.

$2 000 supports work for a year with donkey owners to improve the health and wellbeing of dozens of these hardworking animals.