Dogs and Chickens/Livestock – KSPCA Advice

It has come to our attention that a video is being shared on social media in which a dog owner is punishing his dogs by beating them for killing a chicken.
This is very cruel and against the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act
Domesticated dogs (including pet dogs) are carnivores and many still have the natural instinct to chase or hunt. Dog owners who keep livestock, especially free roaming chickens, are advised to monitor their dogs and keep them separate from poultry at all times. Do not keep puppies from dogs that are good hunters with chickens or livestock.
There is never a good reason to beat a dog.
Do not punish your dog if they chase or kill chickens because they do not have the understanding that the punishment is for what they did, which was to follow their natural instincts. Showing a dead chicken to the dog does not teach it not to kill them. The goal should be to get your dog to behave calmly around chickens – not become afraid of them.
The simple obvious solution is to secure your chickens in a pen that the dog cannot access.
If you cannot keep them separate, a dog or puppy should spend time around chickens while on a leash. They should be introduced at a distance and distracted from the chickens by being given treats (like small dog biscuits). While on the leash you can gradually get closer over a period of time and several sessions, (lengthen the leash) and every time it pays attention to the chickens give the command “Leave it” and give the dog a treat. This training takes time, kindness and patience, and will not work with every dog.  If it does not work you must simply secure the chickens in a pen that the dog cannot access.
For advice on training and good recommended trainers, please contact the East African Kennel Club.


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