Dedicated Followers Membership Drive

Calling all our supporters… Did you know we have 32,000 followers on Facebook! Yes 32,000 we are so
privileged. Your support is fantastic and we love to communicate with all of you about animal welfare.
However did you also know that less than 1% of our Facebook community are members? We have set
ourselves a target that you can help us with. We would like to have at least 5% of you sign up as members.
This would be 1,600 new members. Can we do it? Can you help?

Read on for more information about our membership plans. Having members is so important as the annual
fees are monies that we can bank on and plan for. Donations are fantastic but don’t provide us with the security we need.

For anyone who can’t afford to become a member, please donate what you can and we will add you to our mailing list.

Let’s do this together!

Many animals are subjected to unnecessary suffering and cruelty; we do our best to protect animals from
this. It is our humble request that you join us in our quest by registering as a member.
We offer Junior, Individual, Family membership to people who are animal lovers, and care for animals and their well-being, at Ksh. 1000, Ksh. 3000 and Ksh. 5000 respectively, annually.

We also offer offer Corporate Membership to companies that may like to take advantage of the opportunity
of reaching all kinds of people who are animal lovers and care for animals and their well being at Ksh. 20,000
annually. Corporate members can attend our fundraising and other events, as well as advertise on our
website. Your sponsorship and membership will help towards making a better world for both animals and

You will be doing a good deed in joining our society which gives support to both people and their animals.
The membership fee helps us keep the organization going financially, as we use the money to buy food for
the animals, medication, maintenance of the kennels and catteries, beds and blankets for the animals, paying
the staff and many other things. Help us speak for animals that cannot speak for themselves.

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