Did you know cats love to sit in circle-like structures? It is not known exactly why cats tend to behave in this manner, but it could be attributed to their instincts and desire for warmth.
Experts say when cats sleeps in a circle, they are conserving body heat. Since many cat beds are circular in shape, cats tend to be attracted to circular-shaped structures since the circle subconsciously makes them think they will be warm inside, just like in their beds. Other theories suggest that being in a circle gives them a sense of security.

One man tried this circle-trick and was fascinated by how his cat behaved; the cat didn’t didn’t seem to care what the circle was made of. The cat enjoyed being in an ‘enclosed’ structure.
It’s well known that cats enjoy the safety of enclosed spaces such as boxes, carrier bags or cupboards, and equally like perching on high spots where they can keep an eye on the world. 

If you have a cat at home, you could create a circle-like structure using a rope, a piece of cloth, tape or whatever else you wish to use then sit back and watch what happens; your cat is likely to get attracted to the structure and will go sitting in the circle. We tried with several of our own within our shelter and indeed it was fascinating!

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