Mombasa Report – September, 2021                       


Yet another month with endless cats being brought in – 59 in total.  We also had 12 dogs brought in during the month.  We re-homed 7 dogs and 16 cats.   46 dogs and 55 cats were treated.   10 dogs and 16 cats were neutered. We received a report about a horse on Mama Ngina Drive, down by the ferry, that had killed someone. It turned out that the person had walked behind the horse and had slapped the horse on its backside and it lashed out and got him.He died the following day in hospital. They said that once they had found the owner they would get back to us, but never did, and we were unable to contact the original caller.

We had the most delightful little dog brought in. She was pure white with a beautiful ridge and both her ears were inky black.  So you can imagine what she looked like with her black ears, black eyes and black nose!


We just have the two fund raising events, the Charity Goat Derby in Diani in October and Mike Kirkland of Southern Cross Safaris/Galu Safaris is very kindly putting on a 22 seater air-conditioned bus to take people from the North Coast to Diani – so far I have 16 people for the bus. The second fund raiser is the Winterlicious Craft Fair and Farmers Market at Bahari Beach Hotel and organized by Nova of Bodyworx, in November.


We have had a little rain but certainly not our normal short rains. The premises is still green but the weather is getting very hot and humid and it will just continue to get hotter and more humid until about April next year. We are still trying to find funding for repairs to our kennels.


Our Toyota Hilux continued to run well and we have organized 4 new tyres once we get some funds from the Goat Derby.

Slaughter Hse:

No slaughter houses were visited during the month.


Our staff continue to work well. Kennedy and Wanjala took some leave and Wanjala is now back at work. I have organized with NCBA Bank for Bank Accounts for all our staff and these are being processed now. All our staff have had their first Covid-19 vaccination and the second ones are due 21st/22nd October.




Another busy month with 23 dogs and 57 cats being admitted.   We had one little dog brought in that had half its left front leg missing.   She is less than 6 months old.   She was very weak and malnourished but she has now put on weight and is looking and we amputated her leg just a week ago and she is doing very well indeed.   52 dogs and 63 cats were treated.   A total of 21 dogs and 29 cats were neutered.   13 dogs and 13 cats were re-homed.   We are extremely  grateful  to Loki Ventures (Petstore) and Petzone for donations of dog and cat food.   Our cats just love the cat biscuits and they think that Christmas has arrived early and every evening when we lock up they wait for their hand out of biscuits!


We have two fund raising events coming up.   The first one is the Goat Derby on the 10th October down in Diani.   This is organized by Pauline McKenzie for the EAWL and the proceeds go to about 8 different charities, KSPCA being one of them.   Then on the 20th November Bodyworx and Bahari Beach Hotel are having the KSPCA Winterlicious Craft fair & Farmers Market – trying to make it a bit different this year.


The rain seems to have disappeared and the weather is heating up.    The grounds are looking nice as everything is still green.   We are waiting for a quotation from the Electrician for new wiring for the Clinic and we seriously need some funding for repairs to our kennels.


Our vehicle is running well but we seriously need some new tyres

Slaughter Hse:

No slaughter houses were visited during the month.


The Mombasa staff continue to work well and Dr. Peter Gitau comes every Monday and Friday to work in our Clinic but we also take any sick animals that need attention to his Clinic on other days of the week.

So many cats were admitted during the month(64). We have been doing cat trapping which led to the increase.  In July we re-homed 13 dogs and 14 cats and admitted 10 dogs. We treated 49 dogs and 50 cats  and neutered 19 dogs and 35 cats.

Investigation and Rescues.

We received a call from someone reporting that their friendly dog had gone mad and was biting everything and everybody. We brought the dog in and immediately had it put down and the head sent to Mariakani- the results came back positive for rabies.

We also had another incident whereby someone reported a neighbour who had confiscated his goat that had strayed into his property then told a member of his staff to slash it with a panga. Dr. Mwita dealt with the injured goat and the matter was reported to the police.


Our Ngutuni Game Count fund raiser held in Memory of Sue Lawrence-Brown, was very successful. All the rooms were booked and it was a very good turn out. We raised Ksh 151,000/= which was double the amount we normally raise. It is a lovely lodge for those who want to have a stop over on their way to the coast.No Game Park fees and it is just a short distance off the main Nairobi-Mombasa road. No other fund raising was done during the month.

In other News…

We have put a new roof (mabati) on our clinic after removing the asbestos roofing.The wiring is a mess and we have an electrician coming to have a look and give a quote on new wiring. Apart from the isolation unit, many of our kennels are in need of repair mostly due to rust.The grounds are lovely and green and its still reasonably cool. The rains seem to have disappeared for good.

We had endless power problems during the month and one power surge messed up our UPS damaging our computer. We had to take the vaccines to Dr. Gitau and all our freezers thawed – big mess!

Our Toyota Hilux has been back in the garage to have some rust patches sorted out and one of the wipers had to be replaced. Some other issues were dealt with at the same time.

No slaughter houses were dealt with during the month.

The staff continue to work well and Dr. Gitau visits twice a week but we are able to take any sick animals to his clinic on the other days.

June has generally been a busy month with many cats coming in. We admitted 76 cats and 17 dogs, and were able to re-home 10 dogs and 10 cats.  We also spayed and neutered 15 dogs and 14 cats. We had no cases of rabies during the month.

Investigations and Rescues

We had a call from someone whose cat had got its’ tail wound round some razor wire.  It was very nasty and we had to call our vet to come and help, as the tail had to be cut in order to release the cat. The cat was then taken to the vet’s clinic to have the tail stitched and taken care of.

We received a report of a half grown calf that had collapsed and had been down for 5 days.  We brought it in and it was checked by our vet who put it down.

A vet in Nyali called us to say that he was going to have to put down a Llama at the Go Kart place and that we could go and collect it. We brought it in and used it for meat for our dogs.   This is the second Llama that we have been given for meat. We are still able to get the leftovers from the hotels which is fantastic.

In other news…

We would like to sincerely appreciate Watu Credit Limited, who are helping us financially by paying the salaries of our kennel and cattery staff for 6 months with effect from April, 2021. 

No fund raising was done during the month but we received some funds from people who were unable to come to our Ngutuni Game Count and one company gave us a donation to get some prizes. We need to try and get some funds to do some repair work in our isolation unit.

Our vehicle is running well and we have managed to pay the last bill.   We have asked Mike Kirkland to look out for a good secondhand Probox for us. We use Mike’s garage at Galu Safaris to do our servicing.

We have been given a medium size freezer which has really saved us, as our very old freezers are slowly packing up.

Our staff continue to work well and our Vet, Dr. Peter Gitau comes every Monday and Friday to work in our Clinic.


We have lost a number of kittens with Feline Panleukopenia Virus and we have received reports of other areas at the coast being affected.

We had even more animals brought in this month (May). We admitted 35 dogs and 90 cats. We managed to re-home 15 dogs and 15 cats. 19 dogs and 22 cats were also spayed/neutered.

The owner of the horses in Mtwapa came to complain that his neighbor had taken over his horses! We were actually happy to hear that, as he has for many years neglected his horses, and the neighbor has built beautiful stables and is taking good care of the horses.

In terms of finances, no fund raising was done during the month and we are preparing for our Ngutuni Game Count which is being held in memory of Sue Lawrence-Brown who was the one that started this yearly fund raiser.

The grass at the premises is trying to come back to life after we received some rain a while ago, and the weather has cooled off considerably much to everyone’s relief. 

Our vehicle has been back in the garage. Initially it had brake failure and then we had some problems with the front suspension. It’s however running well now.

All our staff continue to work well. We are however in need of new staff uniforms and the funds to do so.


Once again, this was the month for cats – we had  74 cats and kittens brought in and we had 21 dogs come in. We did however manage to re-home 23 cats and kittens but only 3 dogs. 61 cats and 16 dogs were treated and 4 dogs and 24 cats were neutered.

We had two cases of rabies during the month. The first case was a dog that was brought in and they were hoping to receive treatment for the dog but we realized that it had rabies. The second case the dog just came onto the premises off the road.  The heads were sent to the Government Laboratory in Mariakani.

Two very nice Japanese Spitz were found at the Forest Trails (Bamburi Cement – part of Haller Park) on the night of Good Friday. We have put out their pictures on various social media platforms and on the Nyali Residents E-mail contacts but no one has come for them yet.

Someone found two rabbits and brought them in. One was badly injured and had to be put to sleep but the other one is very happy in our Cattery 7 and the cats are not bothered by it either.

A gentleman by the name of Tony Hill of Watu Credit Ltd came and visited the Mombasa KSPCA.   He really liked our set-up here and has offered us financial help by paying our junior staff salaries for six months starting in April, 2021.   For us this is just amazing as things in Mombasa are really bad. The head office, KSPCA Nairobi, have also very kindly come to our rescue by paying our senior staff salaries also for six month starting from April, 2021. We so appreciate this help.

At last we have had some rain and the dust has settled and it is very much cooler, much to everyone’s relief.    Once the rains start properly we want to plant grass in front of the office.    A volunteer has already planted some flowers.   We have put a second door on the kitten cattery as it was impossible to keep them in once the door was open.

Our vehicle has been serviced and a few mechanical issues sorted out.   It is running well and is looking very nice since it was de-rusted and spray painted.

Animal Welfare

We can’t wait for the rains to come – the weather gets more hot and humid by the day and our dogs and cats are really feeling it! In March, we took in 18 dogs and 47 cats. We rehomed 12 dogs and 9 cats. We also spayed/neutered 15 dogs and 21 cats. We have had an endless stream of cats with kittens being brought in throughout the month. Other than that, we have lost a lot of small kittens from Feline Panleukopenia Virus (Feline Distemper). Other people who look after stray cats and kittens have found the same problem.


We have also had a problem with horses on the Mama Ngina Drive. These horses are left to roam during the night.    We are also having problems with horses in the Mtwapa/Kanamai area. We are sure that we know the owner of these horses but have not been able to contact him. The weather at the coast is really not suitable for horses and we have not had rain for many months now hence there is no grass.

In other news…

No fund raising was done in March, owing to the pandemic and we are now running seriously short of finances.

We are planning to have our Ngutuni Game Count on the 3rd July, 2021. This is going to be a very special event as it is being held in memory of a wonderful supporter and friend, Sue Lawrence-Brown.  This was the event that Sue started and organized every year to raise much needed funds for the KSPCA.  So this Ngutuni Game Count is being held especially to celebrate Sue’s life and we want as many people as possible to come and have a fun  weekend and remember Sue as the joyful  person that she was. She had that wonderful laugh.

There is still no rain and this is now a dust bowl. The ladies from the Pwani Lions Club organized for the wood, nails and mabati etc. that we need for the new roof of the clinic to be bought and delivered to our premises.

Our Toyota Hilux has been booked in for a general service in April, and it has one or two mechanical issues that need sorting.


We’ve generally had a hot and dry February here at the Coast. It was a crazy month- we took in 19 dogs and 104 cats.

One Monday 30 cats and kittens were brought in. We re-homed 6 dogs and 19 cats. We also spayed and neutered 15 dogs and 29 cats.

Dr. Wilson from Kilifi brought in a small stray puppy that was found on the beach. After monitoring the puppy it was decided that he should be humanely put down. The head was sent to Mariakani and the test came back positive for rabies.

We brought in a cat from Kilifi with a wire round its neck. The wire had been there for some time and the neck was tiny but despite that, the cat was in reasonable condition. Dr. Peter Gitau managed to remove the wire and the cat is doing well.

We managed to find a new home for our donkey (Fernando) at Mombasa Cement in Vipingo.   He has already made friends with the other donkeys.

The cat that was caught in the snare is now back with us and completely healed.



January is always a quiet month with not many visitors.  We took in 18 dogs and 54 cats as we had to do some cat trapping at the Port during the month and we re-homed 3 dogs and 10 cats.   Other than that, 18 dogs and 19 cats were neutered.

We received a report of a donkey with a broken leg. This turned out to be a foal and sadly the leg was broken just above the hoof on the front left leg and was just hanging on with some skin and was already smelling. A sad case.

A very badly injured cat was brought in from the Memon School. There was a huge wound right around the neck – our Vet thinks that it had been caught in a snare. It was very smelly and full of maggots but the cat, although thin, was not too bad. He is now doing very well, has put on weight and the wound is healing well.

Our original donkey is doing very well and all the wounds have now healed- and is costing us a fortune in carrots!  Eric comes back with huge quantities of fruit for him when he does the food run. That causes no end of excitement when he sees the vehicle driving in! We are hoping that he will go to Mombasa Cement at Vipingo where they have other donkeys.

No fund raising was done during the month but we did receive two donations from two Estates totaling Shs. 150,000/- which was much needed and very appreciated.    We have also received donations in the form of dog food and cat biscuits from PetStore (Loki Ventures) and Aquapet both in Nairobi.

We have replaced the mabati on the boarding kennels which we never use for boarding as we want to turn it into an Isolation Unit for the cats who have cat flu.


Happy New Year-2021 from us all at KSPCA Mombasa to you.

In December, we re-homed 5 dogs and 13 cats. We also spayed/neutered 13 dogs and 24 cats.

We had 1 case of rabies – a dog in a terrible condition, and she had 6 puppies that all had Parvo.

We brought in a donkey with very severe wounds which had been caused by fighting. He is now on the mend and doing well.

We received a report from the Government Vet, Dr. Mwita, who called us about a pig causing a lot of trouble at Kiembeni Estate. We brought her in and got food in etc for her. Her owners arrived the next day and after seeing Dr. Mwita we allowed them to take their pig home.

Pauline McKenzie organized the Diani Dog Show at the Safari Beach Hotel which was a lovely venue.    Considering the times, this went very well.  We had 41 dogs and made Kshs. 120,000. Masks were worn and social distancing observed. It was a good turn out and many raffle tickets were sold.

Our Toyota Hilux was in the garage for 2-3 weeks to have all the rust sorted out and also a major service and we had the seats re-done. It is now in very good order.