Cats they say have nine lives. Ginger had used up most of them by the time he was rescued. How he came to be in the Commonwealth Graveyard in town we do not know. He was weak and starving. Along came a good Samaritan in the shape of a Mr Jonathan Battye, a UK business man. He saw the poor cat lying very still, looking very sick.  He picked him up gave him some milk and brought him to KSPCA.

Ginger 1

Ginger in town at the Commonwealth Graveyard

Within a week Ginger was a different cat. He was very friendly, stronger and happy, though he has a deformed left hind paw. Jonathan visited him whenever he was in Nairobi and Ginger was always so happy to see him. Perhaps he knew that this man had probably saved his life.

Regina and Paul saying goodbye to Ginger

Regina and Paul saying goodbye ta Ginger

On one visit Jonathan announced that his parents had just lost their old cat, so he had decided to gift Ginger to them for Christmas. So the export process began. On Thursday 16th December we said goodbye to Ginger and he started on his marathon journey to UK rather unsure of what was happening. Two days later we got a lovely picture of Ginger with his rescuer in his new home.  He has a new name now, it is of course Bahati.


Ginger with Jonathan in UK in his new home

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