Cat rescued from the Big Square building exhauster pipe

Saturday lunch time the emergency phone rings. It is a call from the Big Square building at Karen roundabout. Somebody has heard a kitten crying in an exhauster pipe leading from the generator in the basement. The Inspector on duty Paul Mufunyi and an assistant rushed up to see what they could do. It was complicated. The outlet where the kitten had gone in was in the wall of the next door petrol station. As the vent went back towards the generator, there was a bend and a drop of about three feet. The kitten had dropped down there.


The Inspector on duty Paul Mufunyi and an assistant rescuing the cat from the exhauster

Firstly they tried with a sack hoping the kitten would hang on and be pulled up. She did not cooperate. So after a series of phone calls, (Saturday afternoon, no maintenance staff) they got permission to remove a portion of the vent. Reinforcements arrived including our electrician and they set to work.

It took some time but eventually they managed to remove a section. Paul put some cat meat inside and waited. Eventually the kitten, hunger overcoming fear, crept forward. She was swiftly grabbed and protesting loudly was unceremoniously locked in a cat box. Then of course the removed part had to be replaced, which again took a bit of time.

The cat after it was rescued now at KSPCA shelter

The cat after it was rescued now at KSPCA shelter

Everybody agreed that it was a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. Kitten is now safely at KSPCA. We thought she was an unusual colour, grey with brown patches, but we now think she is probably white with brown patches. She also has interesting red eyes. However until she settles down we will let her be.

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