Our Tuesday afternoon has began on a very sad note.

Usually we receive many complaints, emergency cases or abandoned animals on a daily basis, but today a lady driving in a Mazda wearing a suit walks to our front office to give up her pet. She claimed that she got her from a friend and was not able to keep her. One of our guys noticed that the dog was limping and was not able to put her front left leg down fully. We inquired whether she took her to a veterinary clinic and we advised on where she could do so.

So we tried to reason with her and explained to her that at the moment we cannot take in her pet and we will need to create some space for her at the shelter hence she could give us at least one week and then she can bring the dog. We were in agreement and she said that she will take her to the clinic to have her checked first.


30 mins later, we got a report that the lady took the dog out of the car and abandoned her next to Hillcrest School, drove off and left the dog wandering by the road. Two of our guys went to look for her and after chasing her for sometime they finally caught her. She is now resting at the shelter, fed her and given her some water. By the look of things she looks like she has not been feeding properly.

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