BorisHi! I am Boris, one of the resident dogs at the KSPCA and the humans that think they run this establishment have asked me to write a Blog talking about some of the things that happen here.

Actually I am a bit of a computer fundi and I’ve been trying to keep it quiet but one of the humans caught me chatting to some of my muttley friends on Face Bark so my cover is blown and now I have to earn my bones.

My earliest memories are of the KSPCA as this is where my life really began; I am 10 years old now and officially a pooch pensioner. I was adopted by some lovely human things but they had to leave the country and rather than take me with them or leave me fending for myself they brought me back here, which was great – I really didn’t like the idea of going to the UK, way too cold, and I definitely didn’t want to start scavenging and trying to survive. It’s just not in my bones to do that, actually it is not in any dog’s bones and is just so wrong but I will go into that later. Life here is good and I can’t grumble or growl too much about anything and one thing that is guaranteed is that life is never dull.

Every day I patrol around the grounds to see what is happening and bump into new faces, some of them are sad and some are happy but we are all optimistic and relieved to be here. I met my first camels the other day! To say I was amazed is an understatement, I’ve never seen anything like it before – the way they talk and walk! It took me a bit to understand them but we did have a chat. Their lives make my daily trials and tribulations look like a doggle but according to them they have it easy and not like some of their relations who are in Northern Kenya and elsewhere, although one of them, Claude, has a distant relation in Australia but he can’t get a visa to travel there and visit him. Their owners do realise that a happy camel is one that is cared for – if they are not fed and watered then they cannot work. They give rides to little human things which I personally don’t understand, Clarence, one of the camels gave me a short ride around the KSPCA and I hated it, especially when he stood up and I had to cling on with a claw but I am an old dog now and maybe in my puppyhood would have enjoyed it. Their owners turned up and claimed them, Clarence and Claude seemed happy to see them and bellowed and drooled at the sight of them, how can people complain about us dogs?!

Anyway one of the resident humans is screeching at me something about deadlines so I had better stop here and put my paw print on this. If you want to read more about me and my friends at the KSPCA then I will be doing a regular Blog on their web site and don’t forget that I am doing this for bones and the bones have to be bought and I really do love bones, you could say that I am a bona- fido dog!

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  1. Jake Sosah
    Jake Sosah says:

    Hi. I’m Jake a boxer mix. My master Lawe says i’m too fat to ride a camel (even though he’s triple my weight), so until I join what he calls a weight loss class i’m pretty much grounded so don’t take it for granted.


  2. Luna
    Luna says:

    Camels? And dogs??? I’m a gorgeous part Greyhound (we chase bunnies here) part indigenous mutt living in Chile. We have llamas and alpacas here, who I hear are related. But no humps. No humping. No humping allowed for KSPCA dogs!

  3. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    Hilarious!!!! Would love to see a pic of Boris on top of Clarence the camel. Really? Are there camels at the KSPCA now??? This I would love to see. Tossing a bone your way Boris!

    • Luna
      Luna says:

      Lorraine, I thought you said Boris would reply to us. I’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting! He is sooooo HOT! Where’s BORIS? I WANT BORIS!

      • Boris
        Boris says:

        Whooo Luna, relax! I am here, I strained a claw on Clarence the camel so couldn’t reply. I guess you like my photo? Not my best one so I’ll post some more. And you have alpaca’s and llama’s as friends? That’s way cool, but you sound like a cool Chilean chick!


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