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Vomiting and hairballs in cats- normal or not?

Cat owners and even veterinarians often accept that it is natural for a cat to vomit occasionally, especially in the case of hairballs (furballs) and/or eating food too fast. Cats spend roughly a quarter of their waking hours grooming themselves. The time spent on grooming combined with the barbed structure of the tongue results in […]

Donkey Welfare

The KSPCA is devoted to the welfare of donkeys in Kenya. In July we conducted various visits to assess the welfare of donkeys in various areas. During the Lamu animal welfare clinic which was held in collaboration with the Network for Animals, the teams dewormed and treated over 90 donkeys against rabies. In addition to […]


KSPCA Mombasa

So many cats were admitted during the month(64). We have been doing cat trapping which led to the increase.  In July we re-homed 13 dogs and 14 cats and admitted 10 dogs. We treated 49 dogs and 50 cats  and neutered 19 dogs and 35 cats. Investigation and Rescues. We received a call from someone […]


KSPCA Naivasha

In July we re-homed 5 dogs. We also admitted 13 dogs, 22 cats and 1 donkey. We are currently providing shelter to 34 dogs, 18 cats and 5 donkeys. Many thanks to Kentalya Limited and their masons who facilitated the repairs of the dog kennels and catteries. Thanks to their support we managed to finalize […]