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  1. Ondeng' Marvin odhiambo
    Ondeng' Marvin odhiambo says:

    Hello…. My name is Marvin and am based in Mombasa…i love animals especially dogs and cats… And at the moment am finding myself with alot of time in my hands and I really love if you can consider me to do volunteer work in your Mombasa branch. Please
    Regards Ondeng’ Marvin Odhiambo

  2. Lina Sonia
    Lina Sonia says:

    Dear KSPCA team,

    I would like to commend you on the wonderful work you are doing and the animals you have been helping.
    I used to volunteer alot but fell ill and havent been able to come but, i am now better and would like to be part of the this great team.

    I might not have all the money right now but i would like to volunteer my services where needed ( mostly weekends ) . I know the adoption process might be a bit stringent but i would like to be part of the team that assists in pairing up pets with owners and also visiting them to see how they are doing and all.
    I have a few ideas that i would like to share with the team on ground, if i would be given a few minutes with the members of your team ( I know someone there called Frank but not sure if he is still there or not).
    Looking forward to hearing from you and being part of this great work.
    P.S i would be volunteering .

    Thank you
    Lina Sonia.

    • KSPCA
      KSPCA says:

      Dear Sonia. We appreciate your kind words. Yes we’d love to have you volunteer with us as per your schedule. Kindly come to our offices and sign a volunteer waiver form then you’ll be given further directions by the relevant department. Your ideas and input will be appreciated.


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