The KSPCA is pleased to join the rest of the world in celebrating Animal Rights Awareness Week, 14th-20th June 2020.

This week gives us an opportunity for us to learn how we can help to end animal abuse. All animals both big and small, enrich our lives in many ways, yet we often don’t treat them with the respect and compassion they deserve.

The KSPCA received reports of 2 dogs that had been inhumanely snared. It’s alleged that the dogs were eating the sheep in the compound, and the said persons were preventing them from doing so. As a result of being trapped their for long, they became too aggressive but luckily our team managed to remove them from the snares.

We condemned this act and asked them to reach our to us in case they need help in future, rather than subjecting the dogs to such conditions.

Dogs are not to be punished if they chase or kill your other domestic animals, because they do not have the understanding that the punishment is for what they did, which was to follow their natural instincts.  The goal should be to get your dog to behave calmly around the other animals, in this case the sheep.

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