A social media post from Seema, a great animal lover:

“As you read this, another innocent animal is being abused, neglected or forced to fight.

Today we visited the KSPCA Kenya in Karen, a visit arranged by my brother so that our children would understand the effects of cruelty to animals and help him fight the war against inhumane treatment of animals in Kenya.

The first step to creating positive change for these animals is recognizing the cruelty that threatens them. Today, I learnt from the team at KSPCA, that there are two types of cruelty that domestic animals are confronted by :

* Passive cruelty which is the unknowing or unintentional cruelty that animals face as a result of careless and neglecting owners: forgetting to provide food or water or leaving the pet chained up.
* Active cruelty is the second and more dangerous type, which also means abuse. It is the intentional harming, hurting, or even killing of animals.

As we walked around the facilities there, harsh facts and stories about some of their rescue animals were shared with us. With each step and more disturbing stories, I felt a sick knot forming in my stomach. Like the KSPCA team says, humans are an animals worst enemy. Czech writer Milan Kundera says, “Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test, consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”

As I recount a video I watched today of a chain being surgically removed from a dog who had been chained for so long that skin had grown over the chain, I feel such rage that a human, of superior intelligence, would use his power to wield incredible pain on another living creature who is unable to protect or free itself. In recovery for the last two months, he still is unable to integrate with the other dogs and walks around only with his carer and with his tail in between his legs out of permanent fear.

I also was quite astonished at some stories of humans who buy little puppies (probably as a “talkability factor”) use them as “guard” dogs, show them no love thinking that the less human contact there is the more fierce they will be and the better they will guard them, and then who abandon them when they “misbehave” towards other humans. Who’s fault is that?

We saw some even more traumatic cases where pets were left within stone walled compounds without food and water when their humans left the country. Besides the physical impact from starvation, the more heartbreaking aspect is the depression that is evident within the abandoned dogs. Regaining human trust is a long and arduous process for these animals.

Did you know that donkeys will be extinct in Kenya in three years if nothing is done to prevent their slaughtering to feed the traditional medicine market? And did you know that the KSPCA even visits slaughter houses just to ensure that the act is carried out in a humane way. Some informal slaughter houses opt for stones as weapons to smash these animals’ heads and then chop their legs so that they can’t run away. I’m sorry to share such brutal realities but we are intelligent human beings that are out of touch with humanity and require these harsh facts to help do something, anything, just one thing to help these animals. “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian.” Paul McCartney

The KSPCA is an incredible organization that speaks for animals and is helping instill the humanity back in humans. If you can find it within your heart to do something for these animals please, please, please, do it…”

The KSPCA Paybill No. is 681727, Account name ‘Donation’

Thank you for your support.

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  1. Wandia
    Wandia says:

    I appreciate the work you do but sometimes I don’t know if its some of your staff especially when calls are made or its protocol from the Association. There is a dog been abused and the best reply was if I had a video of the person abusing the animal it would be easier I believe at that time am trying to restrain the person from abusing the poor dog not busy looking for my phone to record its inhuman on how you handle your calls or respond its a pity the animal still suffers

    • Marketing
      Marketing says:

      Hello Wandia. Apologies for that. Kindly give us more information about where this is happening. You may share your contact with us and our field officer will call you back, or contact us directly on 0733571125.

  2. Brenda Odongo
    Brenda Odongo says:

    Hello, late last year a cat came to our house and refused to leave because of the welcome we showed it but early this year we were suprise to know find that it had given birth to five kitten under our bed.so we are kindly asking for KSPCA to come for their rescue since our landlord do not want pets in his apartment

  3. Millicent Kwamboka Lucas
    Millicent Kwamboka Lucas says:

    Hello., reside in Kwale county and I hate seeing how people treat dogs and cats with so much cruelity.
    I get mocked too many times for trying to show some humanity to this poor animals.
    I would love to volunteer with your organisation so that I can be of help in protecting and caring for these animals
    They are really suffering. Contact me. Thankyou

  4. Herine owuor
    Herine owuor says:

    I posted the same ,about 3mths ago about my neighbours dog, unfortunately itvhas become a nuisance ,it backs ,urinates and pooh on my balcony..its immobile and i guess very lonely..Been living there for 2years and i have only seen it free twice…. When I bumped into this forum I though It may be rescued and in return I get my peace too…but to date no action has been taken. I even called your offices in November, spoke to lady who told me b told the queue was too long though one of your officers will get back to me…. I’m still learning how how be patient while the dog smears my balcony with its pooh and very smelly urine… So afraid of the diseases it may cause to my kids. …Since the owner won’t hear my cry, I desperately needed your help.. Thanks

  5. Joseph Ndegwa
    Joseph Ndegwa says:

    Kenyan need to be more educated on Humane issues on livestock and pets. Those who witness cruelty on our animals need to be told that they should report such people to the nearest veterinary office for action


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