Hello there,

I’m Yugi, and I’d like to introduce myself. I’m about 8-week-old, a male Kenyan Shepherd dog, and I come with a unique story and a heart bursting with love to share. You see, my journey has been quite a rollercoaster, but I’m now on a quest to find my forever family.

I was found in Karen, Kenya, with a missing hind left limb. I only remember how much my leg hurt. I’ve been staying at a shelter for the past two weeks, healing my leg up and I am now ready for a loving home.

Now, here’s where I could really use your support. I’m a special needs pup, and I’m looking for someone who can offer the patience, love, and experience I need to thrive.

My dream forever home would be one that can readily accommodate my special needs and provide a comfortable lifestyle. While I might require a bit of extra attention and care. I’ve already received all my vaccinations, I’m microchipped, and plans are in place for my sterilization when I’m old enough.