Meet Freya.

As you may recall, Freya’s journey began as a stray near Riruta shopping center. Her spirit endured, even in the face of adversity. She bears the scars of her past, an extensive burn on her flanks and neck region – a painful reminder of the challenges she’s overcome. She is about 1 year 10 months and has been at the shelter for more than 18 weeks.

The name “Freya” carries a beautiful meaning derived from Greek origin. It symbolizes a spirit of warmth, affection, and strength – qualities that Freya herself embodies perfectly. Just like her name suggests, Freya’s heart lights up when it’s time for walks – she’s a spirited companion who thrives on the simple joy of exploring the world by your side. Her adaptable nature allows her to fit seamlessly into various home environments. She is compatible in a family with children.

She is sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped – all set and ready to be your loyal companion.