Activists should stop using animals to make a point

Donkeys-gatherA team visited Mwea at the invitation of KENDAT the animal welfare organisation in that area to help them control the handlers who overload and beat the donkeys on a regular basis. Our team comprised of six people. We managed, with the help of the police, to get some of the drivers arrested and with the help of photographs three of them were jailed for three days and others fined. The Magistrate praised us for our actions and said he was tired of seeing the ill treatment of donkeys in the town. We will be going back again soon as these people have short memories.

Again we had to take in donkeys that had been used to try to get a message across to the powers that be in Nairobi. The poor animals were covered in thick paint and it took a long time to remove it. We were assured by the perpetrators through Facebook that the paint was non toxic (a vet had seemingly said so) but unfortunately two of the donkeys went into a decline and subsequently died. Our vet felt that the paint had been the culprit. I hope the so called activists stop using animals to make a point. In the last two years we have had to take in 30 pigs and 40 donkeys which puts a big strain on our finances. And the animals suffer so much stress. Has it done any good? We don’t think so.