A visit from Miss Attitude E.A. 2016 contestants

The KSPCA was visited last week by Ms Shikha Choda of Beauty Pageant with two of her models, Arnish Kaur Rayit and Nayanka Singh. They will be taking part in the Miss Attitude E.A. 2016 event at the Tribe Hotel on 7th May. All the participants have to talk about something they are passionate about and these two girls will be talking about being kind to animals and also about supporting the KSPCA.

Arnish Nyanka and Shikha

Arnish Nyanka and Shikha getting to know our pets.

They will also be volunteering at the KSPCA in the future as they want to help our shelter animals. We are very happy to have such glamour at our shelter, though we have warned them to wear their oldest clothes!

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