A Month in the Life of a KSPCA Field Officer


This post contains disturbing stories and images. User discretion is advised.

By Paul Mufunyi, KSPCA Field Officer


I began the month of February by rescuing a dog which was hit by a car in Kariobangi. The dog was reported to us after two days.  The person who reported it took the dog off the road and made a shed and gave it food and water. I brought the dog in but unfortunately the spine was completely broken and our vet put it sleep.

It really touched me to see that we have good people in the society who have compassion towards animals. I was not expecting to find what I found there.

I also brought in a dog from Green Park Estate that had escaped from Chinese construction site where the reporter said that dogs are being slaughtered. I brought in the dog and soon she will find a new home. We received complaints from the public about dogs been slaughtered but we have not seen any evidence showing this.

I was on my way to buy greens for our Donkeys and goats at the shelter when I saw a dog on the side of the road, I stopped to find out what could be the problem only to find that the dog was hit by a car. I  immediatly turned around took the dog to the vet for treatment. He examined the dog and luckily enough the dog had not broken its back and was put on bed rest and treatment.

I rescued another dog from World Vision in Karen. The dog fell into a ditch and remained there for two days as it  could not come out by itself because it was very deep. I brought it to the shelter for rehoming.

I rescued a dog from Ngong.  The dog was left behind by the owner who moved and left it to survive or die.

This is one of many cases of what  people do to animals in Nairobi and I think soon we will have to prosecute some people so that this kind of cruelty and irresponsibility can be stopped.

I brought three dogs from Kawangware  for spay and neuter. The owner of the dogs approached me for help because she didn’t want her dogs to breed. I was very happy to help her because its not normal  to find someone from the slums who thinks about spaying her or his dogs. She was very happy to see them back after the exercise.

I rescued a kitten which had fallen into a pit latrine in Kiambu. The kitten had spent a night in the pit. When I arrived I found the mother waiting. I managed to get the kitten  out and the mother was very pleased to see her baby and she started breast feeding her. I brought them both to the shelter and soon they will find a new home.

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