A heartfelt thank you from KSPCA Director – Jean Gilchrist


We received money and food from so many people that it is not possible to thank you all individually by letter, so I hope all of you who contributed will accept this as a personal thank you. The Executive Committee and staff of KSPCA were very touched by the concern and the quick response we received from members of the public in our hour of need. We now have enough money in the bank to keep us for about two months and enough food both dry or meat for about three weeks.

We must mention by name Lawrence Otieno who is in charge our online digital communication for putting across a platform that allowed the news of our plight to spread so quickly and so well and Christian Knockenhauer of artKenya with whom he works. Also Elvis Ondieki the Daily Nation reporter who took the time to visit our shelter and then wrote an excellent article about our plight. Because of this we got the amazing response.

The Chase Bank is about to open but we are not sure when we will be able to access our account. Also why we had such a problem is that we do not get regular support for our day to day running and at times have to draw on our deposit account. We realise that there is a lot of goodwill towards KSPCA, we are one of a kind in Kenya, so we hope that we will continue to get the support we need from the public to help improve the lives of the abused animals in Kenya. They deserve it.

The mounds of food we have received

The mounds of food we have received

Donation driver like this start like a tsunami but often dry up later. Please everyone remember that this has helped. However this is not sustainable. KSPCA need a sustainable solution for funding. So please everyone keep thinking and try to find a permanent corporate sponsor as we need at least Ksh.1,ooo,ooo per month to keep the shelter running. So keep giving but also think long term.

Once again thank you everybody who helped during this very difficult time. I don’t know what we would have done without you.

To continue donating Click here to donate online: SimbaPay for UK and Paypal for US (we accept checks and money orders too).

M-Pesa/Equitel: Enter Paybill – 891300, Account – KSPCA
Airtel Money: Business Name – MCHANGA, Reference – KSPCA

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  1. Marie
    Marie says:

    Hello Jean! Eternally grateful for your help with Nero. Atlas and I and several friends in the US and Europe donated. Just a suggestion. If there was a way to donate automatically monthly I am sure many people who donated during this appeal would sign up for that! Just set up the system and send a general letter to everyone who donated asking them to sign up. Marie

  2. Jonathan Batty
    Jonathan Batty says:

    Hello Jean

    I’m sorry to hear about the financial challenges at KSPCA. I just donated via the MCHANGA platform which was so quick and easy – I encourage others to do the same – you guys do such good and important work. Thanks to you Bahati the Kenyan cat is loving his new life in the UK and will be forever grateful for the chance you gave him.


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