KSPCA Mombasa (November)

Animals: We had a relatively busy month with all sorts of things going on.  We had a large number of very small kittens brought in, far too young to have no mother. We also had a number of puppies brought in and unfortunately one lot went down with Parvo. Fortunately, this was contained quickly. We sterilized 10 dogs and 20 cats. We are having problems with people selling small puppies on the side of the road in Nyali and are working with the County Veterinary Board to try and curb the problem. We are currently providing shelter to 72 dogs and 122 cats.

Finances: We held our annual Christmas Craft Fair on the 19th of November, which actually turned out quite well.  The final figure for the Craft Fair is Kshs. 313,900 and we  received Kshs. 200,000 from the Goat Derby as well.

We have finally had some rain and the premises  is looking very niceOur Hilux Pick-up has had some challenges, mostly to do with the suspension – lower control arms L & R, wishbone arm L & R, brake pads, caliper pin, front lower shock bush, fuel cap cable, and seat belt. We are working towards resolving.

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